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Seven must-have Bakery Equipment

Both pleasurable and difficult, running a bakery is a form of business. Warm loaves, a variety of delectable pastries, muffins, cakes and pies can be served at your bakery shop, where you can use your distinctive recipes to win over the hearts of your patrons. With the proper bakery shop equipment, you may launch your enterprise or advance by updating them.

There are numerous essential bakery materials if you have the desire to open a bakery establishment. However, these seven pieces of necessary bakery gear are what will get most of the job done. We have compiled a list of bakery supplies you ought to have when you first open up shop or give top priority when starting a renewal.

Table of Contents

1. Bakery Commercial Mixer

2. Kitchen Table

3. Cabinet for Holding and Proofing

4. Dough Sheeter and Divider

5. The Convection Oven

6. Refrigeration

7. A showcase

Bakery Commercial Mixer

Bakery One of the most popular pieces of equipment in bakeries for making huge batches of batter, frosting, or sauces is the commercial mixer. Depending on the model, they are made up of a mixing bowl, a mixing arm, and a revolving engine. Planetary mixers and commercial dough mixers are the two categories of commercial mixers.

A revolving bowl and fixed hooks are features of commercial dough mixers, which produce uniform dough. Dough is kneaded and air-brushed by the arm’s dough hooks. Commercial dough mixers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and larger versions may mix dough for hundreds of loaves of bread at once.

A stationary mixing bowl and a spinning agitator make up planetary mixers. The agitator moves in a “planetary” motion that produces equally mixed products as it revolves on its axis and circles the bowl. The mixer is versatile since it often comes with a variety of interchangeable attachments for blending different goods.

Kitchen Table

Commercial kitchen tables, which are utilised for food preparation tasks in commercial kitchens, are yet another essential piece of bakery equipment. When decorating cakes or muffins in a bakery, you can prepare the dough and use the ones that include parts for garnishes. Typically, it features a flat top surface made of stainless steel with bottom shelves or drawers for utensils and kitchenware. The table is designed to be simple to clean and strong enough to survive heavy use. The top is frequently chilled to keep items cool and fresh.

Cabinet for Holding and Proofing

The proving procedure is necessary for pastries or bread loaves to puff up perfectly. Our list of essential bakery equipment includes a commercial proving cabinet, which is used in industrial kitchens to enable dough to rise. In essence, it’s a sizable cabinet with temperature and humidity controls that creates a warm, humid atmosphere for the dough to rise. This cabinet guarantees that the dough rises uniformly and consistently and keeps the temperature and moisture content ideal for the best possible proving.

Dough Sheeter and Divider

Because it splits dough into equal amounts for making individual loaves of bread, rolls, buns, and other baked items, a dough divider is essential bakery equipment. The bulk dough is often placed in a hopper, and a set of blades or discs is used to divide it into equal portions. The size of the parts can be altered by switching either the blades or discs. The dough divider flattens the dough and slices it into pieces of the specified size and shape. It creates exactly rounded and equal portions of dough while saving you time.

The Convection Oven

In order to bake the goods to perfection, a bakery needs have an oven. Large-scale ovens known as commercial ovens are those created specifically for commercial use in restaurants. They are made to endure the high volume and frequent use of a commercial bakery and are often bigger and more powerful than household ovens. To bake loaves of bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked products, you can use a variety of oven types, including convection ovens, deck ovens, and rotating rack ovens. However, because convection ovens are more adaptable and frequently used in bakeries, we included them in our list.


Any food service operation must include refrigeration as a critical step. Although we are aware that bakeries require a variety of refrigeration equipment, reach-in refrigerators are at the top of our list of essential bakery equipment.

In a commercial bakery kitchen, a reach-in refrigerator will maintain the items at safe temperatures. Because the interior of these refrigerators may be accessed by reaching through an open door, they are referred known as “reach-in” refrigerators.

 A showcase

A showcase is essential bakery equipment used to present food items for selection and purchase by customers. In bakeries, cafes, and other food service establishments, it is frequently used to display baked products, pastries, sandwiches, and other culinary items. Food is meant to be kept secure in display cases while also being presented in an attractive and eye-catching way to draw customers. There are refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions depending on the goods you plan to sell.

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